Skin features of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex


  • Aditya Jayapalan


A 25-year-old male visited the skin OPD with complaints of skin coloured raised lesion on the face, brown coloured patch on the face, a patch on the back of upper trunk, and fair raised skin lesion on lower back. No discharge associated with the skin lesions. On general examination multiple brown sessile nodular growths were noted on the nose and cheeks in a characteristic “butterfly pattern” – angiofibromas. Hypermelanotic Café-au-lait patch was noted on the right cheek of the patient. Similar sessile and nodular growths were noted in the upper and lower extremities, suggestive of periungual fibromas or Köenen tumors. On the lower back an orange peel appearance, is examined, indicative of shagreen patch. Hypomelanotic macules of variable size and shape were also noted in the lower trunk’s posterior region. Vital signs were found to be within satisfactory limits. According to the diagnostic criteria of International Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Consensus Conference 2012 with more than two major features, the case was diagnosed to be of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC).

Skin features of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex